• Denver Certified


Denver’s commitment to quality – Denver Certified®

Denver’s team is passionately committed to servicing our customers.

This commitment is highlighted in the company’s recent development of the “Denver Certified®” training program for all its employees – to ensure the company values and operating philosophy is respected and maintained by everyone on the Denver team.

    • Denver is focused on the development of a proprietary training program, that ensures all Denver employees have an expanded understanding of the work, the business, and the community – becoming Denver Certified®.
    • This approach involves the development of a significant training program as well as the creation of all the support mechanisms to help deliver that training (a new training facility, training tools, living quarters), including the Denver Training Centre® – a 10,000 sq. ft facility.

The training process will enable Denver to build a management team of like-minded individuals that are all on the same page and that support/enhance the programming.

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