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Here is a brief summary of what to expect when you work with Denver

    • Emergency / Content Processing
      The first 24 hours is the most critical in stabilizing the situation to prevent further damages so our emergency crew is immediately dispatched to the premises. We review the situation to consider the premises’ safety and habitability, complete our initial site report, discuss project timelines, and have you sign off on our Emergency Work Authorization. During this process, the affected building materials are removed, specific equipment may be installed based on your claim, any affected content will be examined and identified as unaffected, restorable, or non-restorable.
    • Estimate / Repair
      Once the premises are considered stable, we evaluate the loss to determine a method to restore the property. A detailed scope of work and estimate is sent to your adjuster for review. Once approved, our team is scheduled in to begin restoring the premises to its pre-loss condition. Our construction manager will complete a site walk-through to review what has been approved under the claim, discuss your deductible and have you sign a Work Authorization to allow us to proceed. You will be updated weekly on project status and scheduling. Once repairs are completed, a final walk-through will be scheduled to review the certificate of completion and present the Workmanship Warranty Certificate.
    • What you can do
      • Communicate – should you have any questions during this process, please ask – we are here to address your questions and concerns.
      • Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy so you are aware of coverage and limits.
    • Invoicing and Payment
      All invoicing will be handled by your adjuster for the work that has been completed. The only cost to you (if applicable) is your insurance deductible. This will be collected prior to scheduling any repairs to the premises. The insurance adjuster will arrange for the payment to be sent directly to Denver Property Restoration Services. There are instances where you may receive a co-payable cheque that will require your signature, at which time, we will arrange to meet with you to collect payment.
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