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Large Loss Catastrophe

Our goal is to assess the scale of damages and then dispatch the manpower and the equipment to stabilize your loss. Our catastrophe management team will service the contents and structural repairs to any residential home, commercial building, church, and school. In the event of a multi-residence loss, you can rely on us to provide:

    • Initial Site Assessment: Our certified Project Managers will be at the site to complete site inspections on the affected loss. At this time, we will complete a walk-through with the property owner to review the damages. Photos are taken, a sketch of the property will be provided, and the initial scope of work is identified.
    • Emergency Report: We will provide a proposal document that outlines the costs associated per loss and additional information relating to the damages. Within each report, you will be provided with:
      • Initial Scope Work – identifying the work that will be completed in the premises
      • Work Authorization – the approval to proceed with the work at the specified loss location
      • Service Contract – outlining the total cost of the project and payment schedule
      • Invoice copies – provided to clients requiring the information upfront
      • Estimate – dealing with the work that will be completed and related pricing
      • Initial Photo Report – preliminary photos of the damages are provided
      • Certificate of Completion – blank copies are provided if clients require this information upfront
    • Awarded Project: We need your signature on a work authorization along with a mobilization fee to assist in dispatching our staff and equipment. We send you weekly project status reports with photos of the work that has been completed. Once the loss is established, we send you an emergency services invoice, and set-up a secondary walk-through to ensure that all items are covered and that there are no changes required due to unforeseen circumstances. If there are no deviations to the initial scope of work, we will confirm that we are ready to rebuild at the premises. All work will be done following the milestones that are outlined in the service contract.
    • Completed Project: Upon the project’s completion, a final walk through will be scheduled with our Project Manager and the client to review the loss and ensure we have completed work to our client’s satisfaction. A “Certificate of Completion” will be reviewed and signed off by the client if there are no outstanding items.
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