• In the Community

In the Community

Denver’s Commitment to the Community

The process started back in 1999 when the owner made a trip up north to meet with several communities in the area. Meeting with the elders, and the leaders in these communities, being welcomed and accepted by these communities, and taking part in the first of many sweats – was a transformational experience, for both the owner and the company.

Surrounded by the people and the tranquility of the land, the trip helped the owner understand the process that was needed for his business, and it is that process (one of understanding, caring, and service and support) that has guided everything that Denver has done from that point on.

That trip also helped to generate the passion for the work and highlighted the impact that Denver could have in these communities. Finally, it is the understanding learned during that trip, and in subsequent meetings with First Nations communities throughout the province, that guides the direction of the company today and in the future.

To Denver, community is the primary focus – the community within the company and the communities they work in. Denver is passionate about the communities and committed to building relationships with the people they work with. It is this commitment to community that forms one of the key Denver Differences®!

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