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About Us

Denver is 100% Metis-owned and as such, we take pride in being a culturally aware company. Our team is multi-cultural and multi-generational in nature, and we remain sensitive to cultural issues internally and with all our clients.

We are passionate about respecting our clients and their needs. Our employees respect each community and believe every place is important/valuable. We pass no judgement and are there to help the people in need.

Most importantly, we are driven by our understanding that the work is just that – work. We realize it is the people in all these situations that make the difference. And we believe it is the people that we work with every day, that make our work worthwhile.

Finally, Denver is uniquely committed to northern and indigenous communities, and the relationships that it has built in those communities. The process started back in 1999 when owner, Rick Perrin, made a trip up north to meet with several communities in the area. Meeting with the elders, and the leaders in these communities, being welcomed and accepted by the community, taking part in the first of many sweats – that meeting was a transformational experience, for both the owner and the company.

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