Procrastinating or using a company without relevant certifications and experience can lead to costlier repairs later.

Fire & Smoke

Restoring and cleaning up the contamination in an environment created by fire, soot, and smoke requires experience. Hazardous contaminants are released by fire. Smoke damage and soot can cover most any surface. Denver technicians clean up and restoration team have the qualified expertise to restore environments back to safe living areas.

Water & Flood

There are specialized equipment and scientific methods involved with extracting water and drying out an area that has been affected by water damage. Water can easily ruin flooring and drywall, which can only be seen by moisture meters and infrared cameras. Denver technicians address the problem quickly and efficiaently.

Mould Issues

Mould spreads so it’s very important not disturb an area where mould is present. Denver technicians will take a total assessment to pinpoint the full extent of any mould problem that has occurred and take the steps to safely remove it. We use HEPA filtration and disinfectant application to prevent future mould growth.

Asbestos Removal

Denver technicians are fully experienced in a wide variety of risk-assessments and exposure control procedures for cost-effective saving applications, and are certified in all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations. Effective asbestos removal requires meticulous and efficient preparation and execution.

Extensive Cleanup

We pride ourselves on offering professional, discreet services with an ability to show compassion to those in need. Our experience in has trained us with helping people through the most emotional moments of life.

Sewer & Drain Backup

Sewers can back-up into your basement from several paths and it is the property owner’s responsibility to protect the building. Open floor drains are the major cause, as are basement plumbing fixtures (toilets, sinks, shower drains, etc.). Roots growing inside the lateral and blocking the pipe is the most common reason for sewer back-up or the main sewer line can break, become blocked or be overwhelmed with storm water. If you experience a sewer backup, a quick response from Denver technicians will go a long way toward limiting the possibility of long term health effects and property damage.

Shingle and Siding Issues

Most homeowners can tell when there is something wrong with their siding or their roof. But few know how to fix the problem. Homeowners sometimes jump to conclusions and assume that a minor leak means they need to replace their roof. Or, they might see replacement as a major expense and try to avoid it at all costs. Although a couple leaks in your roof may seem like a major issue, Denver technicians can fix most leaks with some patchwork. Although leaking, curled and missing shingles or siding, algea growth and decay from age are all signs that work needs to done immediately.