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Vapour Barrier System

Over the years homeowners have benefited from encapsulating their crawl space with a vapor barrier liner. This process protects the area under your home from moisture, bugs, pests, water, foul odor, and virtually all other elements of the natural environment that could enter into the crawl space area.

Our Vapour Barrier System liner is available in 20 Mil thicknesses and 12 Mil thicknesses. Improve air quality in your home and ensure the water vapours from the ground stay out of the walls and flooring in your crawl space.


Crawl space moisture vapors seep into your home from the ground.


Our Vapour Barrier System stops moisture, mould & bugs from entering your home through the crawl space.


– Protects from moisture
– Improved air quality
– Eliminates mould & odors
– Creates usable storage